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Hello there, my friends and I started a really cool Zine called Weirdo Brigade. This zine is all about freedom of creativity. The Weirdo Brigade is where we express ourselves through writing, art, photographs, etc.

Cover of the first issue of Weirdo Brigade by Joshua Ortiz and Dahianna Feliciano.

We are a bunch of weirdos who just don’t belong – Too quiet for the cool kids, too strange for the straight folks – We are a creative bunch that have waited long to shine. We have been too scared to share our work, because we fear we are not good enough. Well, enough of that! Here we give ourselves the voice we’ve always wanted. We are awesome…We are the Weirdo Brigade! Please follow our Facebook page, we are currently working on the 2nd issue. It would help a lot if you guys would please follow our page and spread the word.



-Weirdo Brigade Team





If you like the weird, funny, and cringy, then you’ll love this video. Please watch and leave a comment. Enjoy!

Written and directed by Josh Ortiz

False Chum

You’ve become dust

I want to blow away.

Once worthy of my trust,

Your façade is now in a messy array


While eyelids closed,

The knife plunged in deep.

As she slept composed,

The mockery leaped.


Your false exterior

Was taken over by your ugly interior.

Laughing with mama superior

You felt superior.


Your fake innocence

I see –

Your wickedness

And guilt, I plea.


Setting Myself Free

Aren’t you sick of struggling

With your emotions?


The walls I’ve built

Are beginning to crumble down.

I’m sick of the guilt;

In it I’ve drown.


I’m beginning to come out.

I’m so sick of hiding.

The cloud of doubt

Is lifting; rewriting.


I will continue to dislike you,

Because I don’t like you,

But there will be no more hiding.

My story I’ll be rewriting.


My feelings will be open;

I am an open book.

My heart was once so broken,

And now I’m going to make you look.


Can you see my loneliness?…

My art shall set me free.


Confusion of Me

I never quite understand what I do,
Because no one ever tells me.

I never know if it’s wrong or right;
All I know are the changes I see in the moods and appearances.

They act weary of me and suddenly
There’s a strange feeling that they are hiding something.

They don’t hate me,
But they refuse to let their guard down.

Distant hello’s and quick words is all I get.
They were never intimate, but there was a level of trust that no longer exist.

They must see something I don’t see.
I wonder what they see in me.

I’m at a loss for words.

It kills me,
And all I have are these unwanted feelings.

I want to see what they see…

I want to not care,
But it’s becoming hard not to.

I want the confusion of me to be cleared…

I am:
A dreamer
A friend
A lover
…Or to never see any of you ever again.



Paranoia lives in me…

In the house of dark I stood,

Unable to breath and

I listened!

To the oppressive silence that surrounds,

To the uninvited feelings that sprouts.

The deeper I got

The more its feelings became apparent.

My anxieties came back,

Questioning my life choices,

To remind me of the painful jabs

And The dripping blood;

Spurring for a leave of absence.

I had fun, but reality came,

Bitch slapping me to the here and now.

I remembered the darkness and the unhappiness.

I listened!

It all came back.

Paranoia at its all-time high,

Suffocating me in its oppression.

Turning me into a fruitcake as I

Screamed for help in the darkness

Swallowing me whole.

The little light left in this tiny room

Brought me to its brightness

And I was ok.

And I was out,

And I never want to go back.





More Than Meets the Eye

There’s more than meets the eye

To yourself don’t lie.

Don’t assume because I look a certain way,

That I’m going to act a certain way.

Don’t assume because I look a certain way,

That I’m going to think a certain way.


There’s more than meets the eye

To yourself don’t lie.

Get to know a person better,

They might just be pleasurable and clever.

Get to know them,

They might be a gem.


Don’t judge before you get the facts

Or you might just get the ax.


Feet Man

I’m sweating from head to toes

Your posture has me tripping

When I walked towards you I froze

Couldn’t handle my own drool dripping.


I stare at you a while longer

Before I ask you for this wild request

Staring at you for this long is driving me bonkers

It wasn’t your breast.


Here goes nothing,

Will you wiggle them toes?

I’m not joking

Wiggle them toes.


Look at those puppies!

I’ll pay you for your services, please

I don’t care if they’re lumpy

Or smell like cheese.


Wiggle them toes for me, baby

Please, you’ll make me a happy man

You’re a fine-looking lady

With fine feet; I’m a fan.


Wiggle them toes


Wiggle them toes



Miserable Witch

Whispers get back to me

purposely trying to warn me,

“You aren’t liked.”

Eye rolls get back at you

Purposely trying to tell you,

“Get a life!”


Miserable witch

Your hateful itch

Is getting worse.

With evil words

You satiate your

Gabby lips.


Your act speaks of your

Own unhappiness.

For once,

Talk about that –

Overcome your own insecurities

And move on.


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